Put simply, we are artists. We act, create, compose, dance, design, direct, play, sing, speak, and write. The dream of i.e.Presents extends beyond stagecraft...We hope to bring the artistic community together in a variety of ways, impacting our community and our world by doing what others won't.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the audience, cast and crew of our first production!
More updates coming soon.
MAY 23
Our Gala opening tonight was a HUGE success! A BIG thanks to our supporters and audience members who turned out to see our premier performance!
Read the reviews here:
From the first, beautiful, soul-crushing notes of the first, beautiful, soul crushing-song,The Last 5 Years puts your emotions on notice. Every heartbreak you ever endured...
Nancy J. McClymont is infused with energy about a few things. For starters, there is the passion for her hometown of San Jose...
The hard truths of love and loss are explored in the musical ”The Last Five Years” making its San Jose premiere at Theater on San Pedro Square May 23–June 1, 2014...
We still have tickets available for Saturday and Sunday, May 24 & 25. Don't miss this chance to enjoy this intimate and unique musical written by Jason Robert Brown and directed by Nancy J. McClymont.
MAY 22
Closing in on Opening Night tomorrow night, Friday AND our Gala “Before & After Party”! We open at 7pm for a few appetizers with a meet & greet for Artistic Staff/Crew/Behind the Scenes folk then it's the Cast joining in after the show!
MAY 10
Got a network of smart, musical lovin' people who'd come to our show in San Jose? Invite them!
Bistro table seating is in front— 
flexible # of seats per table. Only
$10 more per seat UNLESS you order by Thursday, then you get $5 off for OPENING WEEKEND TICKETS ONLY. We have
6 bistro tables & a bar serving drinks/snacks throughout the show.
New fundraising site available now! Use this link to donate and help make this happen:
May 2nd was an epic day for us! $1,200 in donations between 7pm last night and 8am Fri morning...Our musicians get their scores in time for their first rehearsal!
This just in: Trudy's Bridal is sponsoring us with a wedding dress.
Keep it coming!!!
Watch our video here
Even though our Indiegogo campaign ended, we still need funding!
For donation information, please contact: theatersanjose@gmail.com
Only 7 days left to help fund our project on Indiegogo...
Follow this link to Indiegogo and help us meet our goal and bring this production to the stage: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/l5y-knows-the-way-to-san-jose
Deadline is April 27. DON'T WAIT!
i.e.Presents is
looking for funding!
i.e.Presents is looking for funding! This is a unique opportunity to support a start-up boutique theater company located in San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley. i.e.Presents has found a niche that other local production companies do not address. At i.e.Presents, we seek a process and an environment where innovative artistry thrives along with human connection. Our mission is to deliver unforgettable moments. We have a dream to be a resource for artists and professionals alike. We act, create, compose, dance, design, direct, play, sing, speak, and write. The dream of i.e.Presents extends beyond stagecraft. We hope to bring the artistic community together in a variety of ways, impacting our community and our world by doing what others won't.
Please visit our fundraising page at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/l5y-knows-the-way-to-san-jose to learn more about this dynamic up and coming theater company and funding opportunities. 
Our first production is coming up in May 2014!
Attention friends
of musical theater—

i.e.Presents is looking to fill some crew positions for it’s upcoming musical production, The Last 5 Years, written by Tony Award-winning composer, Jason Robert Brown. Please visit our Projects>Team page at: http://theatersanjose.wix.com/iepresents#!team/c1bv4 
and let us know if you are interested in joining our cast and crew put on this unique musical. The show runs May 23–June 1, 2014 at Theater in San Pedro Square in San Jose. Rehearsals are already taking place. Positions are filling fast! Contact Nancy at: theatersanjose@gmail.com.
MAY 23
The Last 5 Years


Set in New York City, THE LAST 5 YEARS chronicles the relationship between novelist Jamie (David Jackson) and struggling actress Cathy (Catherine Brady) in the early 1990s. Today’s social media and smart phones are notably absent from this twenty-something romance—what remains are the very recognizable joys & struggles of modern love.


Told almost completely in song, THE LAST 5 YEARS explores the universal highs and lows in young adult relationships; it is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Cathy’s side of the story unfolds backwards in time, starting from the end of their life together. Meanwhile, Jamie conveys his perspective on the very same time period beginning with their first date and moving forward. It’s sure to provoke thoughtful reflection on unforgettable moments.